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Saturday I went to a car show and took a bunch of pictures, here are some of them. There are a few more on my flickr. All of these were taken with my digital point and shoot and some editing was done to most in Photoshop for some tweaks to contrast, levels, colors, cropping, etc. There were quite a few people there and I often wasn’t careful or patient enough to wait for a clear shot, so sorry for all of the onlookers included.

A few Corvettes:
63 Vette


Red Vette

There were quite a few street rods, I’d say they made up the majority of cars at the show.

A Plymouth

Chevy (I know, probably doesn’t qualify as a rod)
Orange Chevy

Chevy Truck

22 Willies
22 Willies

And this was pretty cool, a 1922 Ford Model T
1922 Model T

1922 Model T

One thing I think is pretty interesting is seeing how cars evolved through the years. Above is a 1922 Ford (and the Willies is a ’22, though it’s really modified). This next one is a 1931 Ford Coupe. It’s obviously been modified, but the basic shape is unchanged and you can see how much has changed in just 9 years…
31 Ford Coupe

32 Ford
32 Ford Roadster

33 Plymouth
33 Plymouth

Anyway, there were some muscle cars and a few other cool older things:

Early 70’s Camaro
Yellow Camaro

1970 ‘Cuda and a Super Bee (forget what year, 68 maybe?)
'Cuda & Super Bee
(the ‘Cuda is actually my dad’s)

Road Runner
Road Runner

Pink Caddy

A Hemi Challenger R/T
Challenger R/T
This is an original, though restored and slightly changed, 1 owner car with original motor… rare!

And some current stuff:

Lotus Elise

SRT Challenger
SRT Challenger

Oh, and Arnold Schwarzenegger was there. Sort of.
Harley and Arnold


Written by Jim

May 15, 2012 at 10:23 pm


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