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Triath . . . er, I mean Duathlon race report

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Yesterday I had a race, here’s how it went…

The start/finish and transition were on a big island with a sports complex on it in Harrisburg, the Pennsylvania state capital. This was supposed to be a triathlon, with the swim in the river, but unfortunately the swim was cancelled due to a very high e coli (bacteria) level in the water. So, the swim was replaced with a short run.

I covered my training in my last post so won’t recap that all here. In short, I’ve been working more on building my mileage and endurance, but not a lot on speed/intensity. This was a short sprint distance race, so I thought I might not be fast as I could have been for it. I did work some more short intervals and pickups in my training over the past two weeks, and did cut my volume a bit last week to get ready. My legs actually felt pretty dead at the start of last week, but with some foam rolling, stretching, and reducing the training volume last week, they felt quite good on Sunday.

It was actually sort of chilly in the morning and I was shivering a bit before I started my warm up. It stayed clear, mild, and comfortable all through the race though, which was a welcome change after a heat wave we had last week.

For a warm up, I ran 1.5 miles easy about 30 minutes before the race started, with ¼ mile at goal race pace in the middle, and another 30 second pickup closer to the end. The run felt good and I felt ready to go at the start.

Run #1
The race was started in waves, my wave starting first. It followed a path around the island which was mostly flat and advertised as 1.5 miles, but ended up being 1.7.

I wasn’t quite sure how to pace for this so started in roughly the middle of the group and just ran by feel, settling into what felt fast but comfortable enough to maintain. It ended up working out well because I was pretty steady, was only passed by a guy or two, and passed maybe five or six other guys. I don’t think I could have held it much longer, but also didn’t feel spent on the bike.

Distance: 1.7 miles
Time: 11:10.36
Pace: 6:35 / mile

The first transition went very smoothly. I had spent time practicing transitions the week before, took time to visualize them in the morning before the race, and I really think that paid off. Maybe I could have saved a few seconds here or there, but didn’t make any mistakes and even did a running mount without nearly crashing like I often do.

Time: 40.2 seconds


setup in transition before the race – notice the empty rack behind?… I got there early!

The bike course was out and back, crossing a bridge to the shore, riding along the river to the turnaround point, then coming back the same route. It was quite flat, though with some very slight grades and false flats. There was also a slight headwind on the way out, which became a tailwind on the way back. It was advertised as 14.5 miles, but really measured 14.

I just tried to settle into a hard maintainable pace for the distance. Considering it was a flat course I was able to stay in the aero position for the entire time, tried to hold a consistent effort level, and only had to shift between a few gears depending on the grade and wind. I kept an eye on my heart rate and it stayed right around 160, which is about as high as I felt safe maintaining for the distance. I passed around 6 or 7 guys and was passed maybe 3 times.

I ended up averaging just a smidge under 22mph. I had hoped to be a bit faster, but really I can’t complain; I gave it all I had and would just need better conditioning to go faster.

Distance: 14 miles
Time: 38:16.25
Pace: 22 mph

bike file from Strava – includes 10-20 seconds in T2 because I forgot to pause my watch, and is estimated power, not actual

Transition 2 went very smoothly as well. No complaints, I’m very pleased with it.

Time: 37.76 seconds

Run #2
The second run crossed another bridge to the shore then followed a walking/running path next to the river to the turnaround point and back. It was very flat aside from mini hills you had to run up/down at each end of the bridge. It was advertised as 3.1 miles (5k) but ended up being only 2.8.

I left transition at the same time as 2 other guys. One of them fell back fairly soon and the other guy and I ran a lot of the way together. My goal was to average sub 7 minute miles, and he was running about 6:50, so I tried to hang on. I felt good, like I could maintain it for a while, but eventually the day started to catch up with me. We talked a bit and exchanged places a couple times, but around mile 2 he pulled ahead and I had trouble holding on. When we hit the little hill to get back on the bridge I couldn’t hold the pace and he opened a large gap. Around then another super-fast guy came flying by me too but that was the only other time I was passed. I got my legs back a bit when it leveled off on the bridge, but was really feeling the pain at that point and just held on as best I could to the finish.

I did manage to average under 7:00/mile, which I’m very pleased with, and think I still could have held that had it been a full 5k – on this course. It being so flat definitely helped, of course.

Distance: 2.8 miles
Time: 19:25.02
Pace: 6:56 / mile


Overall: 1:10:09.59
Overall place: 11 out of 195-ish
Age Group Place: 4 out of 31 (10 year age groups)

I’m very pleased with how this race went. It would ALWAYS be nice to be faster, but looking at everything I don’t think I could have done any better. I paced myself well in all three events, both transitions went super smooth, and I don’t think I made any big mistakes that had an impact on my result.

It was disappointing that the swim was cancelled, I wanted to use it to judge my swim training and get some open water race practice, but I don’t mind duathlons and was really happy with how my race went.

So overall it was a very good day!
Now, back to training…

Like always, here’s how I celebrated…

this flavor is delicious!

And here are a couple phone pics from the island – it is quite scenic

some guys were fishing in the early morning

a look back at Harrisburg

Thanks a lot for reading and happy racing!


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July 9, 2018 at 9:14 pm

Triathlon Training Report

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I’m doing a sprint triathlon this Sunday and wanted to post about how training is going.

But first, the big news is that I have signed up to do a half iron distance triathlon later this year! The “half iron distance” distinction is intentional in that it isn’t an IRONMAN brand race, but an independent race that’s about the same distance as a HIM (actually, it’s a tad longer). Anyway, I’m excited about it and a bit nervous. The race isn’t until late September and I began training for it in May, so I’m confident I’ll be prepared till it gets here, but the distance is still a bit intimidating. I sort of expect it will be the only Half I do, but we’ll see how it goes.

Since I am training for the Half, I am not expecting to be overly competitive in the sprint this weekend as I have mostly been working on building up my endurance and mileage, but not doing much speed or intensity work, which is important for short distance racing. Here’s how the training has been going for each discipline…

Swimming: I’ve been swimming 3 times a week pretty consistently, sometimes sneaking a fourth session in if I have the time. I’ve still been following the Swim Smooth program, typically doing one drill/technique session, one threshold (“Critical Swim Speed” in SwimSmooth speak), and either one speed or endurance session per week. Though I’m still very slow, I’m seeing little improvements here or there. My speed is improving bit by tiny little bit, but I’ve noticed a bigger improvement in my endurance/stamina, and ability to hold a pace for longer sets and sessions. Not that I don’t tire out and drop off, but it’s getting better. I will never be one of the first ones out of the water in a race, but I’m more concerned with building my endurance and will take any speed improvements that come along with it.

Biking: For cycling, I’ve been following a training plan I found online in a Half distance training program, though the name of the site where I found it escapes me right now. I’m cycling 3 times a week, typically doing two sessions during the week, both 45-60 minutes, at a moderate effort level with some short pickups or intervals worked in. Over the weekend I do a long ride at moderate effort, though I do try to work in some harder hills and/or some segments at higher intensity. Cycling is still my strongest area and needs the least work out of the three, but I still feel that, to ride over 50 miles strongly in a race, I should be putting in more work. I tack on some extra miles here or there as I can and know I’ll have built up a big base of mileage till race day.

Running: Running is the area where I’ve made the biggest training change, I’ve been following the “BarryP” running plan. If you’ve spent any time on the Slowtwitch forums you’ll likely have seen this referenced before (for example). Check out the linked name, but to describe simply, it’s a high volume low intensity run program that is highly regarded, at least on Slowtwitch. You run 6 times per week, doing 3 short runs, 2 medium distance runs, and 1 long run. All are at a very easy pace to start while you build mileage, then you do a block with some race-distance-specific speed work once per week, and then another block with a second speed work session, until you begin to taper.

Before this I ran 3 to 4 times a week, and usually at least 2 of those sessions had speed work or hill repeats built into them, so this is very different than what I’m used to. The whole idea is that the easier running allows you to add more and more miles without it taking a huge toll on your body. I have bought into that in that I don’t feel as beat up from my runs as I used to and a nagging injury I’ve had for months has improved since I started this program. At the same time, I’m worried that the lack of speed work will end up holding me back. While I’m happy to build my endurance, in the race if I’m only able to run at a really slow pace, I’m not sure if all the extra running will have been worth it. And, to be honest, I find running slowly all the time very boring, so there’s that. All that to say, I’m going to see the program through to the end and do trust that it’ll help get me ready for the Half.

That about sums it up. I’ll post a race report sometime after the sprint, and expect another post or two about training before late September. I’m not expecting anything grand and just signed up for this sprint because I wanted to try it  and couldn’t go the whole summer without working another race in since I enjoy it so much. I’ll be pleased to put together a solid race, and if I end up with a decent time, well that’ll just be a nice bonus.

Thanks for reading and happy training!

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July 5, 2018 at 10:00 pm

Redline Conquest Cyclocross Bicycle

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I recently picked up a “new” bicycle, a Redline Conquest cyclocross bike.


I’ve been wanting a more traditional bike for a while, mainly to use as a backup when I don’t want to ride my tri bike or for convenience when riding to the gym or pool, or in bad weather, etc. After going to a cyclocross race last year, I’ve been pretty determined to get a cyclocross bike because it will be more versatile for a number of different riding conditions, and so I can try ‘cross out at some point.

This Redline is from 2003 (I think). I got it from a member of my tri club who had also gotten it used, commuted with it for a bit a while ago, but hadn’t ridden it in years. I had to clean it, replace the brakes, tubes, tires, and pedals, and do some tuning to get it riding smoothly, but now it seems to work well and I’ve been putting some miles on it. I still might have to replace the cables and some other parts to adjust the fit/comfort, but it’s ride-able now as-is.


I have a spare set of wheels from my old tri bike with road tires on (pictured directly above and in all below), and I put knobby tires on the wheelset that came with the bike (first pic at the top), so between the two I have convenient wheel/tire options for if I want to ride on or off road.

My only real complaints about it are that the saddle is uncomfortable for longer rides and that it has an 8-speed Shimano Sora groupset…


Sora is a low end set of components and, combined with age, it doesn’t shift very smoothly. I’m going to live with it for a while because it is still functional, but I can see eventually making some upgrades based on what my riding style ends up being with it.

Overall I’m really happy to have gotten another bike and have enjoyed riding it. I actually did a 51 mile charity ride on it this weekend with the road tires and it went well.



The tri bike will probably still be ridden 90% of the time, but I do anticipate riding this regularly in a number of situations. Though it would great to get a nice road bike at some point, too, all of my bicycle “needs” are more than taken care of.

Thanks a lot for reading – happy, and safe, riding!

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June 3, 2018 at 8:44 pm

5k Race Report

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Last Saturday morning I ran a 5k. This wasn’t on my race calendar, I had just been looking around online to see what local runs were coming up and noticed this one. It was a fundraiser for a local school and the inaugural year for the race. I only decided to do it on Wednesday. 

So I wasn’t really training for this and didn’t try to taper or peak for it. I had done a tri a few weeks before, and I had taken it easy the week before and after that, so felt a little refreshed, but I handled last week like a normal training week with some hard workouts. So my legs definitely weren’t as fresh as they could have been for the 5k. 

It rained in the morning before the race, so it was a little humid, but the roads were mostly dry, and it was cloudy and cool when the race started, so it was good running weather. Only about 90 people participated, many of which were kids, walkers, or joggers that were just doing it for fun or to contribute. Since it is a small private school and the race’s first year, with little to no advertising, I’m sure that kept the numbers down, too. 

I knew what speed I wanted to run, but didn’t really know what was realistic to expect. My goal was 22 minutes, preferably under, hoping to average a 7:00/mile pace; which is attainable for me. 

I started out a bit too fast, but not unreasonably so, and tried to stay around 7:00/mile after I settled down. It as an out and back course that included a few hills; not super long or steep, but enough so that I pulled my pace back so as not to explode. The first half went smoothly but after the turn around I began to struggle. The last half mile was mostly uphill and my pace slipped… I had been averaging about 7:00/mile to that point but that last mile ended up being about 7:30. The hill leveled off a bit before the finish and I sped back up again, but there was not enough room to improve my average pace. 

So, I finished with a time of 22:26, in 7th place. Not far off my goal, but 26 seconds is a lot in a 5k. My legs really were tired till the end, I’m guessing partly due to being fatigued from the week, and partly from just being under trained. I’m still not in the running shape that I was at the end of last year and think I need a few more months of solid running outside to get back to where I was. 

Overall I’m treating this as racing practice, which I think is important, especially for me from a pacing standpoint and getting used to “suffering.” I just can’t simulate this effort in workouts so think it’s smart to do a low priority race once and a while where you know you won’t be at your best, but can practice strategy and experience the pain of racing… that’s something I haven’t done enough of. 

Next on my calendar is another 5k in late May, though it might not be a serious “race” since I could be running it for fun with a young nephew. After that, I’m doing a sprint tri in early July. Otherwise I’m just continuing to train and work on building my distance and speed in the swim, bike, and run. 

Thanks a lot for reading and best wishes for your training and racing!

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May 16, 2018 at 8:46 pm

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Sprint Triathlon Race Report

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My first triathlon of 2018 is in the books. It was a mixed bag of good and bad; here’s how it went…

all setup in transition before the start of the race

Leading Up
I already did a big long post about my training, so I won’t go over all that again. In short, I was excited to race and felt optimistic headed into this one. Last week I actually missed two workouts, but I don’t think it really impacted me any; I didn’t feel too tired or flat. I have this nagging injury and was a little worried how that would be, especially because it’s worse first thing in the morning, but I woke up feeling very good and loose, so that was great.

The biggest bummer heading into this was that it was cold and windy. Just yesterday the weather was much milder with only a bit of a breeze, but the temperatures dropped over night and the wind really picked up.

temp before the race, though it felt much colder with the wind

I was just planning on wearing a light jersey, arm warmer’s and gloves, but overheard a lot of people in transition talking about all the clothes they were wearing, so actually ran home quick and got a windproof long sleeve jersey and thick socks. This was way more than I usually put on for a tri and I hadn’t practiced using them in transition. More on that later…

The Swim
The swim was an indoor (thank goodness!) 300 meter pool swim. As I mentioned in my last post, I have been working on my swimming and was hoping for a good time. My official time was 6:22, but that included a run to the timing mat. I stopped my watch right when I finished swimming, and it recorded it as a 6:01. My goal was 6:00, so I’m very happy with that. That even includes getting stuck behind two slower swimmers and passing them, which isn’t easy in a pool with two way traffic. I’m still not fast, but am happy to be making progress.

[Official] Time: 6:22
Last year: 6:46

Transition 1 went horrible. It took a while to get my long sleeve jersey and gloves on, and I sat down to put on my socks and shoes instead of doing the normal barefoot running mount I usually do. The socks are super thick and warm, which was perfect for the weather, but they’re also very tight. One got stuck and a hole ripped open over my heal, and the other just took forever. I lost a lot of time.

Time: 2:17 (the year before was about a minute less)

The Bike
The bike course was 16 miles of moderate rolling hills – nothing too difficult, but definitely not flat. I was glad I had the jersey, socks and gloves because I’m a wimp in the cold and it was indeed cold. The wind was the worse part and was blowing some of the cyclists around. I did well though, kept my effort up, and passed a ton of people. I ended up with the 10th fastest bike split overall, which isn’t bad, but still was about a minute and 20 seconds slower than last year. I suspect it was because of the wind; I randomly checked a number of the faster guys’ results from this year versus last, and nearly all were slower this year, so that makes sense. I didn’t wear my heart rate monitor this year so can’t use it as a reference for whether I was working as hard or not, but I think I gave it a good effort. So, disappointing to be slower, but probably not a sign of doing worse… just tougher conditions.

Time: 47:48
Last year: 46:30

Transition 2 went smoothly…

Time: 0:36

The Run
The run was 3 miles on mostly flat roads (my watch measured it as 3.07 miles). There are some really mild changes in elevation, but no true hills. I felt comfortable on the run and just kept trying to push myself. The goal was to average a 7 minute per mile pace and I ended up with 7:07, so it’s close enough that I’m not disappointed. The wind/cold did make it tough, and my pace slipped a few times, but I think I managed it well. Maybe I could have squeaked out a few more seconds had I dug deeper, but I’m pleased with how I did on this day. I was 17th overall out of 113 people, so not bad, but still too many people ahead of me – I’d like to be in the top 10 in both running and cycling.

Time: 21:51
Last year: 22:28

I’ve done this race a number of times as a duathlon and a triathlon and think, save for my very first time, I have always placed in my age group. Not today! I finished 7 out of 22 in my age group and 16 out of 113 overall. T1 cost me a lot of valuable time and there were 2 guys in my age group that finished less than a minute ahead that I definitely would have beat had I not had the bad T1, and possibly another guy had things just went perfect. I still wouldn’t have placed though, there were just too many fast guys. Bummer, but oh well.

What’s Next
At the moment I’m not signed up for any more races this year. I definitely will sign up for more, I just haven’t done it yet. I’m planning to do one more sprint this summer, and am still considering doing a half, but can’t quite pull the trigger yet.

As for the immediate future, I’m going to take the next couple days off, and this week extremely easy to hopefully let my injuries heal. My wife and I are taking a long weekend away this coming weekend and after that I’ll dive back into training.

Thanks a lot for reading and following along.
Happy racing!

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April 29, 2018 at 10:00 pm

Pre-Race Report

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You wouldn’t know it from the weather, but spring is here and my first triathlon of the year is less than a week away. This is a write up of how my training has been going and my thoughts leading into the race…

The weather here – Southern Central Pennsylvania – has been crazy this year. It’s been unseasonably cold, we’ve had snow much later than normal, and winter has just lingered on. It’s made training outside quite challenging, especially for wimps like me that don’t like being outside when it’s less than 40 degrees. Thankfully it’s finally starting to warm up and looks like some nicer weather is here to stay.

I’ve still been training pretty consistently, mostly in doors, averaging about 8 to 9 hours a week. I usually swim, bike and run three times per week each. I’d like to be putting in more time, but it’s been hard with other things I have going on, and my motivation to train inside is pretty low at this point. Just in the last couple weeks I have finally been able to start running outside a bit more consistently, and I’ve gotten some outdoor bike rides in too, so things are looking up.

This upcoming race is the sprint tri hosted by my gym and I’ve done it each of the last two years (last year, 2 years ago), as well as when there was a duathlon option in years prior (1, 2). I really enjoy this race since it’s so close to home, I’m very familiar with the course, other people from my tri club do it or come out to support, and it’s just fun and well put together in general. My high-level goal is to be faster in each area than I was last year, and I think I should be able to do that…

For swimming, I’ve seen some small improvements over the winter following the Swim Smooth program, but am still a slow swimmer. The race has only a 300m pool swim, so my overall results shouldn’t be ruined by the swim. This evening I actually just swam the fastest 300m set of my life, so I’m hopeful I’m able to duplicate that.

For biking, I’ve been doing a lot of trainer time on account of the weather/cold. At first I felt like I was improving, but as winter rolled on I started to feel burnt out and like progress wasn’t happening. On my few outside rides it does seem like I’ve gotten a bit quicker, though my hill climbing ability isn’t where I’d like. I rode the tri bike course at a high effort on Sunday and nearly matched my race time from last year. That’s very promising since I had to slow down for intersections and wait for traffic on Sunday, whereas during the race I will be going full-on all the time. I’ll also be wearing my more aero tri kit and will have the bike setup for racing, so I should be able to improve on last year’s time. Provided, of course, the weather is good, it’s not too windy, and I feel fresh.

For running, I’m definitely slower than when I was at the end of last summer. Last year I was fast as I’ve ever been running and, though I’ve continued to train over the winter, I’ve lost some speed. My training time has been cut back a bit, and I don’t think I get the same quality of workouts on a treadmill, so I think those are the main reasons I’m slower. I’ve had some solid runs outside recently, and still think I can at least match what I did a year ago, I just don’t feel as in good shape as I would like to be.

Finally, I’ve been dealing with some small injuries. My piriformis muscle (a muscle in the butt/hip) on my right side has been aggravated and causing some soreness and stiffness. As a result, my lower back and right hamstring are also often tight and sore. My right calf also has some pain and stiffness, though I think that might be unrelated to the piriformis. All this stuff actually bothers me more when I’m inactive… the first few minutes of an activity are usually a bit rough, but after I warm up and the muscles loosen it doesn’t seem to slow me down. When sitting down or being sedentary for too long though, everything gets quite stiff and painful. I’ve been dealing with this for over a month now. My doctor prescribed me an anti-inflammatory medicine, and I’ve been doing a number of stretches and exercises. It’s improved, but I think I need some actual rest to let things heal. After the race I plan on doing very little for the next week and hopefully my body will recover. I have still been able to train well and don’t think I could blame these injuries if I have a bad race, but they’re still worth mentioning.

Okay, that’s more than enough to share about my training. I’m really looking forward to the race and hope it goes well. Wish me luck and happy training!

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April 24, 2018 at 9:07 pm

Triathlon Training Report

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything triathlon or fitness related… Last year it’s pretty much all I wrote about, so I’m going to try to maintain some variety in topics, but “exercise” is my biggest hobby, and it’ll still receive a fair amount of attention here.

I’ve been training consistently since my last triathlon with the goal of maintaining, or even growing, my fitness and speed for this year. I also did some running races in the fall: a 10k, two 5k’s, and a 5-mile race…

Last Fall’s Races
The 10k was a bit disappointing; I didn’t manage my pace well and the course was a lot hillier than I’m accustomed to. I finished with about a 7:45/mi pace, which was slower than I wanted, but really it went okay and I ran it with some family, which was fun. I had just hoped to be a bit faster. Like always.

The two 5k’s went pretty well. I started too fast in one and my pace consistently dropped throughout as a result, but I managed the other better. In both I averaged around a 6:50/mi pace, which is pretty fast for me; not quite PRs, but right on the verge. I also biked to one of them (about 17 miles), and a bit of that race course was in grass, so I am pleased with my time considering the extra effort and fatigue from biking. Riding home wasn’t fun. The 5-mile race also went well. I don’t remember my exact time/pace, but it was in the low 7:00/mile range, which I was pretty pleased with.

For training, I’ve been swimming, biking, and running consistently. Nearly all running and bike work has been done inside, but I have managed to do a few workouts outside when the weather has allowed. On average I’m putting in about 9 hours per week between the three disciplines, which is only a little below what I’d normally average during the summer. I’ve even been getting a little weight lifting in, though that’s pretty inconsistent.

For swimming, I’m following the Swim Smooth program and usually get 3 or 4 sessions in per week. My swimming is still slow and I’ve been putting extra focus on improving it this off season. At times it seems like I’m not making progress, but then I’ll have little breakthroughs that help with my motivation and keep me going. I’ve accepted that I’ll never be a front of the pack swimmer, but if I can shave some time off my swims I’ll be happy.

For biking and running I’m not following a program. In the past years I did follow training schedules, but I’m trying not to be as strict about it. I try to get three bike sessions and three runs in a week, and vary them based on how I’m feeling, but do aim to get one “intensity day” in where I do harder speed or hill work, and one longer day where I put in extra time/miles, usually working a specific intensity or heart rate zone. The freedom to adjust what I’m doing and the variety of the sessions helps keep things fresh. I’m not sure that I’ve gained much speed to be honest (I really should do some tests from time to time!) but also don’t think I’ve regressed. My goal is to enter the race season with good base fitness and be primed to build on it.

2018 Plans
I’m planning on three races this year. The first will be in late April, it’s the sprint triathlon put on by my gym each year (Previous reports: 1 and 2). It’s close, convenient, I really enjoy doing it, and it serves as a good measure of where my fitness is at. The next is a sprint triathlon in July that I haven’t done before. Well, I did the duathlon there a number of years ago so am familiar with the course, but this will be my first time doing the tri. It’s also fairly close and usually has a strong field of participants, so I’m looking forward to trying it.

The last race is a bit more up in the air. I’m contemplating doing a half distance race and have one picked out that’s in September to try (i.e. Half Iron distance, but not the IRONMAN brand). If I don’t sign up for it, I’ll probably do an Olympic instead, and there are a few late season races around here to choose from. I have mixed feelings about the half race; I really enjoy doing the shorter races and going long hasn’t really appealed to me. However, the new challenge of doing the half distance does interest me, and I think I’d like to try it at least once in my life. If I do it I’d want to be at least somewhat competitive in my age group, not just complete it slowly, so whether I think I’ll be able to get enough training in while still balancing life will be the determining factor.

For training, for the next couple months I’m going to keep doing what I have been doing, but will gradually add more intensity and speed work as I build up to my first race. In late spring to early summer I’ll reassess based on how I’ve been feeling and what late season race I decide to do, likely changing to a structured program for that longer race.

I don’t envision posting about training again before my first race unless something really exciting happens. Thanks for reading and best wishes on your training and racing in 2018!

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February 1, 2018 at 9:21 pm