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For Christmas in 2011 my sister gave me a build-your-own pinhole camera kit and ever since I’ve been hooked on pinhole photography. I’ve found pinhole to be a ton of fun to shoot, very involved, and it never gets old; constantly challenging me as a photographer and encouraging me to be more creative. The photos also have a unique quality, a certain aspect or “feeling” to them that I can’t really put into words adequately. Finally, there’s an extreme sense of self-satisfaction that comes when viewing photos that were captured with a device that you made with your own hands, even if all you did was follow directions to a kit or make a pinhole and attach it to a camera body.

It really isn’t too difficult to make a pinhole for an SLR body or to put together a kit, and you don’t need to be overly skilled as a photographer to take pinhole photos. Like anything else, there’s a learning process involved with it and it can be very rewarding. If you’re at all interested in trying it out I’d strongly encourage you to!

My goal is to keep this page updated with links to posts I’ve made about building pinholes, shooting with them, and some examples of pictures, with hopes that this might be a resource for anyone who might stumble upon it in search of pinhole information.

This is the kit that my sister gave me. I’ve since seen many similar kits available on ebay and amazon for very reasonable prices.

Here is a post about making a pinhole to use on a film or digital SLR camera body.

This is a post following the one above with some information about sizing pinholes. (my synopsis here was later confirmed with successful photos: If the hole size is too big the image becomes brighter and less sharp, and if the hole size is too small the photos become fainter and less sharp.)

These are some general instructions and tips for shooting with a pinhole camera.

Following are just a few examples of pinhole pictures I’ve taken. Please feel free to browse around my site using tags or the categories for more.

Here are a few taken with the kit:


The following were with a homemade pinhole used on a Canon A-1 35mm film SLR body:



Written by Jim

May 5, 2012 at 10:21 pm


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