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I recently received a few items that used to belong to some of my ancestors and thought I’d share some pictures.  All photos were taken with my Nikon point and shoot CoolPix P5100.

This bible was a wedding gift to my great grandparents:

Dated December 1887

It’s a parallel edition with two versions side by side on each page, one from 1611, the other 1881 (or 1885… the pages show an ’85 date so I’m not sure).

There were a lot of illustrations, maps, and interesting things within.  Here are a couple page examples:

I also found a pressed clover in it:

Another item I received was this hat.  Unfortunately I’m not completely sure who it belonged to, but believe it was my father’s great uncle’s.  So, would that make it my great great uncle’s?

Initials and date written inside:

And the last thing I’m going to show is this little guy:

We found it in the bottom of a box, my father didn’t remember seeing it before and didn’t know where it came from.

But wait, there’s more!

Sort of a basic model Nesting Doll, I guess.  I think it’s pretty cool!


Written by Jim

March 8, 2012 at 10:36 pm