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My new ride

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I waaant to suuuck your bloood!!!
Alternate Caption:  NOM NOM NOM NOM

The teeth were on it when I got it, not something I installed. They’re funny and all but I don’t think I’ll keep them on. I’m just having a hard time imagining rolling up to a meeting and being taken seriously with a toothed car. Not that driving an old Miata will do much to establish my credibility, the teeth just won’t help much, that’s all. They are good for a laugh though… Driving home today I watched a lady driving through an intersection I was waiting at do a double take when she noticed them and she burst out laughing inside of her car. Maybe I should leave them on; people need to laugh, right?

Anyway, yeah, a 1994 Miata. It’s my new daily driver and I don’t have any special aspirations for it aside from keeping it running well, road worthy, and fixing a few minor things. I’ve put about 100 miles on it and so far so good. It really is a fun car to drive, I can see why they’re so popular for autocross and road racing. (see Spec Miata)

Like I said, I don’t have any plans for anything like that with it, but it should make for a fun, economical, and reliable daily driver. Here’s hoping, anyway.

HDR Picture.  The paint is actually pretty faded.


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August 1, 2012 at 10:03 pm

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