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License Plate Guitar

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About a week ago I finished my most recent guitar build, an electric four string license plate guitar:

Having seen a number of these on YouTube, I’ve wanted to make one for a while. I actually started on it around Christmas time, but didn’t work on it for a weeks at a time due to being busy and having some life distractions.

The box is made out of poplar, the neck butternut, and the finger board is oak. I got the license plate off eBay and chose one from New York because I think it looks cool, it’s fairly unique (most license plate guitars I’ve seen use western plates), and I’m from New York state originally.

Aesthetically speaking, this is one of the favorites that I’ve made; it didn’t turn out perfect, but I’m pleased with it. Unfortunately I messed up marking the fingerboardĀ and cutting for the frets though; it doesn’t play in tune down the neck. It’s still good enough for me to use to noodle around with, but it always just sounds a bit “off” and I won’t play it for many people (not that I do much of that anyway).

This isn’t an original idea, but my favorite thing about this is the tail piece: it’s the end of a fork cut and bent for the application. It works perfectly and, in my opinion, looks pretty cool.

For pickups, there are two piezos mounted under the plate, one under either end of the bridge, and I included a volume control. The sound quality is so-so, about what you can expect for piezo pickups.

Well, thanks a lot for looking. I have another project I want to start right away, and it shouldn’t be too hard, but finding the motivation and time to do it could prove challenging.

Thanks for reading and happy playing!


Written by Jim

March 10, 2017 at 11:22 am