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There are a couple of hawks that hang around my neighborhood and they chose one of my trees to build a nest in. I’ve only ever seen them high up in the sky flying around the neighboring houses, but my neighbor has told me that he’s seen them coming and going from the nest, often with fresh catches from hunting. I’ve been a little disappointed that I’ve missed out on seeing them up close, but was surprised to look out my kitchen window the other day and see one about ten yards away in my yard. It was sort of jumping up and down and flapping its wings, but not taking flight. I figured it had either caught some prey or was hurt and couldn’t fly. I grabbed my camera, put the longer zoom lens on (70-210 — not that long) and went outside around the side of my house. The hawk noticed me right away but didn’t fly far, it perched on the edge of my neighbors inflatable pool!

(zoomed in the whole way…  oh well.)

I inspected the pool later and there weren’t any signs of it having landed there, it didn’t dig its talons in at all. It would have been unfortunate, though funny, had it deflated the pool. The neighbor probably wouldn’t have believed me… “sure Jim, a hawk ruined my pool… whatever you say.” Anyway, it hung out there for a bit as I tried to creep closer, before relocating to the fence around another neighbor’s garden.


(50% crop)

Finally it flew to a tree branch, where I wasn’t able to get a good shot of it. I was able to get fairly close but couldn’t get a good angle without branches being in the way.


I finally decided to call it quits and to stop harassing the bird. I checked out the spot where it had originally been hopping around in my yard and couldn’t find any remains of another animal or signs of a struggle, so I’m not sure what was going on. It was pretty neat to see, anyway. As a side note, I do love this lens, but need to find something longer for birds.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting!


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July 27, 2014 at 11:47 am

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