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every day is craigslist day

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Last night I made $60 selling stuff on craigslist – an antique refrigerator and a fan.  I like craigslist.  I think it’s a good venue for selling and buying stuff if you’re reasonable about expectations, and I find it strangely addicting to search through the for sale ads and see what kinds of deals and different stuff is out there.  If I had more money and more room I could see it turning into a problem for me.

I mostly just use it for selling stuff though and usually have pretty good luck, both things I sold last night didn’t last more than 2 or 3 days and I got my asking prices.  I try to be reasonable with my expectations, stay away from the, erm, questionable areas, ignore the weirdos, and it works out well enough for me.

The fridge that I sold was in our basement when we moved in (5 years ago!) and I originally thought I’d do something with it.  Of course I never did and it just sat in a corner taking up space all these years.  It doesn’t work.  Well, it runs, but it doesn’t pump cold air.  The guy that bought it seemed really cool.  He said he was going to use it as decoration, make a cabinet out of it, try to fix it up, or something.  While we were loading it we talked about tattoos, injuries we had, and other random stuff.  Good times.

He already had a nice big picnic table on the back of his truck when he arrived at my place to get the fridge.  I complimented him on it.  “yep,” he said, “i just picked this up.”  I jokingly asked, was it craigslist day?  He slyly replied, “every day is craigslist day.”

Ha, yeah!


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May 26, 2011 at 7:41 pm

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