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5k Race Report

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Last Saturday morning I ran a 5k. This wasn’t on my race calendar, I had just been looking around online to see what local runs were coming up and noticed this one. It was a fundraiser for a local school and the inaugural year for the race. I only decided to do it on Wednesday. 

So I wasn’t really training for this and didn’t try to taper or peak for it. I had done a tri a few weeks before, and I had taken it easy the week before and after that, so felt a little refreshed, but I handled last week like a normal training week with some hard workouts. So my legs definitely weren’t as fresh as they could have been for the 5k. 

It rained in the morning before the race, so it was a little humid, but the roads were mostly dry, and it was cloudy and cool when the race started, so it was good running weather. Only about 90 people participated, many of which were kids, walkers, or joggers that were just doing it for fun or to contribute. Since it is a small private school and the race’s first year, with little to no advertising, I’m sure that kept the numbers down, too. 

I knew what speed I wanted to run, but didn’t really know what was realistic to expect. My goal was 22 minutes, preferably under, hoping to average a 7:00/mile pace; which is attainable for me. 

I started out a bit too fast, but not unreasonably so, and tried to stay around 7:00/mile after I settled down. It as an out and back course that included a few hills; not super long or steep, but enough so that I pulled my pace back so as not to explode. The first half went smoothly but after the turn around I began to struggle. The last half mile was mostly uphill and my pace slipped… I had been averaging about 7:00/mile to that point but that last mile ended up being about 7:30. The hill leveled off a bit before the finish and I sped back up again, but there was not enough room to improve my average pace. 

So, I finished with a time of 22:26, in 7th place. Not far off my goal, but 26 seconds is a lot in a 5k. My legs really were tired till the end, I’m guessing partly due to being fatigued from the week, and partly from just being under trained. I’m still not in the running shape that I was at the end of last year and think I need a few more months of solid running outside to get back to where I was. 

Overall I’m treating this as racing practice, which I think is important, especially for me from a pacing standpoint and getting used to “suffering.” I just can’t simulate this effort in workouts so think it’s smart to do a low priority race once and a while where you know you won’t be at your best, but can practice strategy and experience the pain of racing… that’s something I haven’t done enough of. 

Next on my calendar is another 5k in late May, though it might not be a serious “race” since I could be running it for fun with a young nephew. After that, I’m doing a sprint tri in early July. Otherwise I’m just continuing to train and work on building my distance and speed in the swim, bike, and run. 

Thanks a lot for reading and best wishes for your training and racing!


Written by Jim

May 16, 2018 at 8:46 pm

Posted in Triathlon & Endurance

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