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6 String Cigar Box Guitar

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Since I got into making cigar box guitars one of my goals has been to make a 6 string CBG by re-purposing an electric guitar. Over the winter one of my friends was cleaning out his garage and came across on old electric guitar he had gotten when he was younger. He never really learned to play and it had been collecting dust for years. He asked me if I wanted it and suddenly I had a “donor” guitar. I found a box I liked on ebay ($10! – the most I’ve ever paid for a cigar box) and began working on it.

I worked on it on and off over the winter and spring and only really finished it a couple weeks ago. It was difficult to make, but the biggest reason it took so long was because I didn’t have much time to work on it. Sometimes a couple weeks would pass without me doing anything to it, but towards the end I got some momentum going and was able to finish.

I’m reasonably pleased with how it turned out. There are some flaws and mistakes, but it’s playable and sounds okay for what it is. The rest of this post will be pictures and there’s a video of me messing around with it at the very end. Hope you enjoy, thanks for looking!



IMGP0020xs IMGP0021xs IMGP0018xs IMGP0028xs IMGP0027xs IMGP0026xs

To attach the neck I actually cut the guitar body to fit snugly inside the cigar box and glued it in place:


I reused two of the guitars pickups and hardware but replaced the volume pot and pickup switch. Soldering everything together was, uh, interesting… I’m very inexperienced at it and not very good, but it worked in the end and it’s all hidden inside the box, so that’s good enough.


Finally, here’s the video. Remember, I never claimed to be any good!


Written by Jim

June 27, 2015 at 9:57 am


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