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Speedwell Forge Lake

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Speedwell Forge Lake was a man made lake in Lancaster County Pennsylvania, just a bit north of the town of Lititz. A few years ago the dam that retains the water for the lake was damaged and the lake was drained due to safety concerns. Here’s an article from when it was originally drained, if you’re interested. (Some websites apparently didn’t get the message and still advertise it as existing) There are plans to fix the dam and flood the area again, but until then, it makes for a pretty unique piece of nature. I went last weekend with a friend to take photos. I had actually never heard of it before, it was his idea, and I’m glad we went. It felt like we were trespassing while we were there, but the area was very accessible and I didn’t see any posted signs at the entrance.

It was a 106 acre lake, so the photos don’t do the size justice. All of this used to be under water…


There’s a bit of a dam made from loosely laid stones that creates a small pond, I assume for the wildlife. The following two pictures were taken standing on the dam, first up stream where the lake used to be, then downstream.



The original dam is still there, too. Apparently the original water path has been diverted.



Nice water at the bottom…


We did see a Blue Heron, a Crane and some ducks, though I wasn’t able to get very good pictures.





It’s a really neat area and fun to explore. If you’re in the area I’d recommend checking it out before they flood it again. The following are just a few random pictures from around the lake.




Thanks for reading, and happy shooting!


Written by Jim

September 6, 2014 at 5:53 pm


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