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In case you haven’t noticed, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted any pinhole photos. Like a year. I simply didn’t do it much this year. I wouldn’t say I lost interest, but with getting a new camera, it got pushed to the back burner. In December I put a roll of film in the pinhole kit camera and I didn’t finish it until last weekend. I have a lot of fun whenever I do it, I just have to make an effort to. Another thing that sort of slowed me down is, my favorite photo lab closed. The people there were great, and the prices were amazing too. Like cheaper than Walmart, but with amazing quality from people that were passionate about photography. A new camera store with a lab opened up close by and I decided to give them a shot. The price is higher, but I was pleased with the service, and for as infrequently as I do this I’ll continue to give them my business. As long as they stay open, anyway.

One thing I’ve determined by now is that shooting specific objects or scenes is a lot better with a pinhole than trying to do landscape or scenery. If the picture doesn’t have a lot going on, or a center point of attention, forget about it. There isn’t a lot of detail in any of these shots, but there isn’t near enough to make a good landscape shot. Without a focal point, shots become boring as well. Also, incorporating movement into photos has become my favorite thing to do. You don’t need super long exposures to do it, it only takes a second for an exposure to capture some movement against a still background, and the film is very forgiving (within 1-2 seconds, which is an eternity in exposure time) through the tiny pinhole. Just some comments/opinions I wanted to share.

Well, on to the pictures. All of these were shot with the Pinhole Kit Camera, using Fujifilm 200.

1/2 second exposure

I thought the idea of a windmill in motion would be great for a pinhole shot, and this turned out to be my favorite shot from the roll, but it’s too far away to highlight the windmill, in my opinion. I’m going to do this again, but closer.

90 second exposure

Likewise, I thought a clock pendulum swinging would make a cool shot, but it didn’t turn out that great. Note the Christmas decoration – that’s from last year… this is an old roll of film!

8 second exposure

8 second exposure

1 second exposure

That’s a pile of leaves with a rake laying in it, in case you can’t tell.

Happy Shooting!


Written by Jim

November 12, 2013 at 9:16 pm


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