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A Car Show (and some bad camera news)

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It’s car show season again! To be honest I don’t really go to many, maybe one or two a year, but it is fun to walk around looking at and taking pictures of cool cars. Last weekend my town had a show and my dad and I went together to check it out. It was much bigger than I was expecting and there were some really cool cars there.

As I walked around I shot pictures with my point and shoot camera. I didn’t take much time framing shots, adjusting settings or waiting for people to get out of way, just took pictures as I worked my way through. There is some minor editing, mostly cropping and color or contrast tweaks on some of these. Following are some of the ones I liked most. These are mostly street rods. There were a lot of muscle cars and some newer unique cars, but I didn’t spend as much time looking at those; the rods just seemed to attract my attention more at this show, for whatever reason. And sorry, I didn’t really take time to record makes, models, years, etc., so there isn’t much info to go with the pics.

33 Plymouth
really poor quality pic, but awesome car!

Rod 2 Rod 3 Rod 3 Engine Rod 1 Mustang Ford Model T Speedster 1970 Roadrunner
I do love old mopars!

Roadrunner Air Grabber VW Spiked Hood
awesome spikes on this bug’s hood!

a drift truck

Rod 4

Bug with Luggage

As we were about two thirds of the way through, my camera started acting funny. The color and overall quality of the pics started to look goofy:

DSCN7434 - s bad color

And it kept getting worse…

DSCN7439 - s bad color DSCN7441 - s bad color

I double checked all my settings and I hadn’t changed anything, it was just acting weird. I turned it off until I got home and took a random test shot, which turned out fine. A day or two later I took another shot and it was bad, like at the car show. I fear there may be a problem with the sensor based on info I can find online.

The camera is about 5 years old and I’ve used it a ridiculous amount, so it’s realistic that it would wear out eventually. Still stinks though. I’ll look into getting it fixed, but depending on the cost, it might make more sense to get something new (or refurbished or lightly used) rather than put the money into an old point and shoot. I STILL don’t own a DSLR and have been dreaming about owning one at an unhealthy level for a looong time, so maybe this will finally motivate me to get one. I don’t have extra DSLR money just laying around though, and there are always other fun things to buy, so I’ll have to do some serious thinking and prioritizing. Regardless, it’s a bummer that my walk around camera is on its last legs.


Written by Jim

May 9, 2013 at 10:11 pm


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