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It took me much longer to fill another roll of film on my Pinhole Camera, but I finally did and got it developed this week.  I haven’t lost any interest in the camera, it’s still a ton of fun to shoot with, I just really lose motivation to go outside and shoot over the winter in the cold.

This roll of film turned out okay.  Many of the days I shot on were overcast, and I didn’t use long enough exposures for most.  I got a number of usable photos though, so it wasn’t a waste.

Two shots of a cemetery covered in snow, 3 second exposures for each.

Church and cemetery, 2 second exposure

I’m not sure what happened on this one, but I think it looks cool.  It was a .5 second exposure of a stream, so I think either the sun’s reflection or a tiny spec of moisture in or by the pinhole caused this.

These next two are flags on a windy day.  4 second exposures for each

Grilling…    1 second exposure

Shot from an overpass above a highway at night.  10 minute exposure.


Written by Jim

March 29, 2012 at 9:45 pm

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