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Gaining Weight – Part 2

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A little over two months ago I posted about my attempts at gaining weight, specifically muscle mass. Not to retell the whole story, but though I really enjoy weight lifting and have been doing it for some time, I’ve never really put on much size. At the time of that post I had just finished the first two months of a six month lifting program and I had so far gained a total of five pounds, most of which I believe to be muscle. (why I didn’t think to measure my body fat before starting this is beyond me) Aside from working out hard, which I’d like to think I always do, the weight gain was largely due to a revamped diet and taking a calorie and protein heavy mass gainer during the second month.

Two more months have passed and I wanted to make an update, if for no other reason than to log my progress. After these past two months I have gained an additional … drum roll… pound. That’s it. One. Singular. Pound. That brings my total weight increase to six pounds from the start four months ago.

I’m a little disappointed at the lack of growth over the past two months, but there are some obvious reasons for it:

Truth be told, at the end of December (month number three) I was up a grand total of 10 pounds, and let me tell you, it wasn’t all muscle. I blame this on Christmas and holiday eating. No, not my lack of self control; the holidays caused me to gain a bunch of weight. Between holiday meals hosted by work, family, and friends, I went to more feasts than I can remember and ate way too much, so I packed on a few extra pounds. And though I was lifting religiously through the month, I got a little lax on cardio.

When January came around and I noticed the change in my weight and body, I decided to cut back a little from my diet and I started doing more cardio. Over the past month this has resulted in a loss of four pounds. I’m a bit happier with myself, now having a slightly smaller stomach, but I want to be careful not to cause more “damage” than good. I don’t want to eat so little and do too much aerobic exercise that my muscles aren’t able to get enough calories/protein to grow.

Heading into the last two months of this workout regimen, I’m not sure that I’ll make any big changes. As far as diet goes, I might try to fit in some additional calories and protein, but not a drastic amount. I do however think that I’m going to keep doing a lot of cardio. I do enjoy doing it, well sort of, but there’s a duathlon in April that I might consider doing if I’m able to get in good enough shape beforehand, so I’m kind of training for that. I am well aware that training for the race is in direct competition with my goals of gaining mass from heavy weight lifting, but if I do eat enough and manage my workouts, I think I’ll be okay.

So we’ll see; there will likely be a final update at the end of March when I complete the lifting program. I’ll also say now that I’m relatively pleased with my progress. It would have been nice to gain more size thus far, but I am happy that I took off some of the excess holiday weight and psychologically it’s hard to purposefully gain weight. I’ve been obsessed with being fit for so long, seeing the number on the scale rise goes against my normal reasoning. It could very well be a reason why I never got too big before, too. No matter, I’m having fun doing this, I am making gains, and it will serve as an interesting experiment if nothing else.


Written by Jim

February 3, 2012 at 6:01 pm


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