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Pinhole Camera – 2nd Roll of Film

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Unfortunately my 2nd roll of film with the pinhole camera didn’t go as well as the first. 

The kit came with two premade pinholes; one a .2mm hole, the other .15mm.  The first roll of film I shot with the .2mm and did fairly well.  I decided to go with the .15mm pinhole for my second roll of film and it didn’t work out as well.  Most shots ended up being under exposed.  So if I’m going to keep shooting with that I need to leave the shutter open longer and/or use a different speed film. 

A few shots did turn out reasonable well though, three of which are below.  All of these are of the Columbia-Wrightsville Bridge in central PA.  The film is Fujifilm 200 and I was using a tripod for each.  The first had an exposure time of about half a second, the other two were about 3 seconds each.

I was a little disappointed in how this roll turned out, but oh well, it’s a learning process.  At least I got a few usable images out of it, and I had a lot of fun in the process.

I’m not sure which direction I’m going to go next.  I still have some rolls of 200 speed film on hand, so I might switch back to the .2mm pinhole and just shoot some more.  I also was thinking of either picking up some high-speed or black and white film and trying some different things out with it.  We shall see.

In any case, I’m having about as much fun shooting with this thing as I’ve ever had taking pictures, at least in recent memory.  It really isn’t hard to do, and whether you decide to buy a kit or transform an old camera, it isn’t very difficult or expensive.  I really recommend giving it a shot if you’re at all interested.


Written by Jim

January 11, 2012 at 9:14 pm


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