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Gaining Weight

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My favorite hobby is working out, specifically weight lifting.  I’ve been lifting religiously for the past eight years and did off and on previously as a teenager and as I entered my 20’s.  Aside from the actual exercise I really enjoy planning out new routines, setting goals, and tracking my progress as I work to achieve them.  This type of thing is fun for me.

Considering how long I’ve been doing this, I’m not very big or strong.  I’m fit, healthy, and stronger than the average Joe off the street who doesn’t do any physical exercise, but for a “weight lifter” I’m pretty weak.  I have no aspirations of being a body builder or competitive lifter, and there are a number of reasons for my lack of size, but all in all I should be bigger than I am now.  I have trouble gaining weight.  So, two months ago I decided to revamp my diet, commit to a long term (well, six months) lifting program, and purposefully try to put on some weight.

The first month went well enough, but despite adding a lot more protein and calories I only managed to gain one pound.  This last month I decided to kick it up another notch and began taking a mass gainer.

I only took a half serving on workout days with milk, so the facts would be half of the right hand portion of the label, and I was able to stretch it out for almost a full month. Weighing myself last weekend, I added another four pounds, bringing the grand total to five.  Truth be told, I had stuffed myself at a pre-Thanksgiving dinner shortly before weighing myself, and I think my weight has dropped a pound or two since, so we’ll say the grand total is four.

So the weight gainer is pretty potent stuff.  It only costs $20 for a tub of it, too.  I don’t know of a more economical way to add that many calories and protein to a diet for four weeks.  That said, I don’t think I’m going to continue taking it, or at least not during the next month.  I can tell some small differences in my body physically, but my stomach is rounding out a little bit, and I want to gain muscle, not fat.  My strength has gone up and I have noticed small differences elsewhere that lead me to believe that, yes, I am gaining muscle, so I’d guess weight gained is probably an even split between muscle and fat.  The plan for next month is to lean out the diet a bit, while still taking in a lot of protein and calories, and if I don’t “improve” much I can always add the weight gainer.  Plus, it’s the holidays… there’s going to be a lot of [unhealthy] food around and multiple family meals.  I should have plenty of opportunity to gain weight.

So, yeah, that’s that.  I’ve got four months to go in the workout I’m doing and even if I don’t share about this often I’ll at least post the final results.  I’d also like to close with saying, I realize there are a lot of worse things in the world than not being able to gain weight.  When I talk about this people tend to roll their eyes, clearly conveying their pity for me. Oh, you pooooor thing.  Yeah yeah, I know.


Written by Jim

November 23, 2011 at 9:05 pm

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