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End of the season and new exhaust.

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Unfortunately I am missing the last two events of my local region’s autocross season.  Oh well.  I got to go to a few earlier in the year, I had fun at them and was relatively competitive.  With any luck, next year I’ll be able to participate in more.

I did get around to replacing the exhaust system since my last post.  I removed the factory section after the downpipe (exhaust pipe that drops from the engine) and replaced it with a free-flowing “Cherry Bomb” muffler and a short tail pipe. 

Driving it since the change I haven’t noticed any difference in performance.  It is much louder though.  As a daily driver it would probably be too much to bear, but for joy riding once and a while and racing it’s just fine.  I’m satisfied with it.  I’m guessing it weighs roughly 25 lbs less than the factory system, so that’s a bit of an improvement.  And even if it isn’t any faster, it at least sounds faster.  That’s something, right?


Written by Jim

October 14, 2011 at 8:00 pm

Posted in Automotive, x1/9

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